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RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera for Industrial Machine Vision

RICOH IMAGING DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, Industrial Optical Systems Division, proudly introduces its new extended depth of field camera. The cameras have literally 3 times the depth of field that conventional cameras can offer at the same focal length, F-Stop and working distance without sacrificing resolution or brightness.

Applications like production line inspection, that used to require multiple cameras or focus re-adjustment can now be captured with a single camera, contributing to cost reduction as well as improvements in production efficiency.

The new series of extended depth of field cameras comprises of 3 different models, VGA-Monochome, UXGA (2 Megapixel)-Monochrome and UXGA (2-Megapixel)-Color. An Extended Depth of Field system consists of the camera itself, a special lens and camera firmware, which is adjusted at the factory to the lens used. In total there are 8 lenses available with focal lengths of 8.5 mm, 12mm and 35mm and different F-Stops available.

RICOH Extended Depth of Field Cameraļ¼š
Camera EV-G030B1 + Lens EL-CC3543-2M

Comparison photos taken with a conventional camera and a
Ricoh Extended Depth of Field Camera:

Conventional Camera                             RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera
QR Code in front is out of focus             Both QR Codes are in focus

Extended range of focus with brightness mainained

Whilst conventional cameras require the closing of the iris in order to achieve increased depth of field and therefore darken the image, RICOH’s Extended Depth of Field Camera comprises specialised lens and camera technology with built-in image processor to enable the brightness of the picture to be maintained. Therefore, strong illumination involving additional cost, energy consumption and increased heat is not required.

GigE Vision is trademark of AIA (Automated Imaging Association).

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