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RICOH Enhanced Binoculars

Ricoh Imaging Deutschland GmbH, Industrial Optical Systems Division, announces that it will release “RICOH ENHANCED BINOCULARS”. This system, designed to be used in situations where poor visibility would impair the use of normal binoculars, is expected to be used primarily in maritime security and night vision situations. The system provides users the ability to easily see through atmospheric particulates such as fog, rain, snow, or dust and includes the ability to see in very low light situations.

This system will include functions such as night watch, GPS location, digital compass and image stabilization. It will include waterproof and dust proof capabilities. This system is an ideal tool for multiple environments including border patrol, harbor security, high value target monitoring, sea based activity, mountain patrol, disaster prevention, firefighting and police missions and investigations. Image enhancement technology, “PAIR”, already being used in high end homeland security systems, is built into the binocular system. That technology is integrated with an ultra high quality, high magnification PENTAX glass lens system. By adding Ricoh’s fast image processing technology to the system, the binoculars bring unmatched image quality and colour accuracy to the market.


1. Optimized for colour imaging with image enhancement techniques that remove atmospheric interference: Our own PENTAX Atmospheric Interference Reduction (PAIR) enhances the image allowing the object to become more easily observed, even under adverse weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow. RICOH ENHANCED BINOCULARS can be used in darkness, providing invaluable information to security forces at sea and night vision.

2. GPS function / electronic compass: RICOH ENHANCED BINOCULARS has a GPS function and electronic compass that enable the capture of location information from the location where the image was recorded using latitude and longitude. After recording, it is possible to manage images by location information. This can be particularly efficient for recording images at sea; where, because of no landmarks, it is difficult to find the exact location where the image was recorded.

3. Image recording: RICOH ENHANCED BINOCULARS provides users the ability to record full motion video or capture still images. This functionality provides users the ability to analyze these images at a later time.

4. Image stabilizer: RICOH ENHANCED BINOCULARS prevents image deterioration due to movement of the binocular. It is possible to clearly see objects even when they are at long distances and the unit is being held by hand.

5. Waterproof property / Dustproof: RICOH ENHANCED BINOCULARS prevents water or dust from damaging or impacting its operation. It meets the International Standard for waterproof and dustproof operation ===> IP 64.

6. User-friendly operability and design: By using large well spaced buttons, RICOH has made the binocular easy to use while wearing gloves. Additionally, the material used is non-slip rubber specifically designed for traction and by using subdued colors the unit will not stand out or give away the users position.


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