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FA Cameras: RICOH FV Series

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING DEUTSCHLAND GmbH today proudly announced the company release of 5 FA *1) cameras to its product lineup, including the FV-L500B1, featuring a 5 megapixel image sensor in a distinctively compact design.

The unit, when combined with the PENTAX Machine Vision Series of lenses, which are widely renowned for their quality will keep striving to support efficient manufacturing using factory automation.

FA Cameras: RICOH FV Series

Digital camera interface Sensor Model No. Vertical frequency (frame rate) Release
Camera Link™ 2/3” 5 Megapixels FV-L500B1 16fps Mid-Aug, 2012
1/1.8” 2 Megapixels FV-L200B1 15fps
1/3” 300,000 Pixels FV-L030B1 90fps
GigE Vision™ 1/1.8” 2 Megapixels FV-G200B1 15fps
1/3” 300,000 Pixels FV-G030B1 90fps

Option: RICOH FP Series


Model No. Cable Length Connector Specs Supported Camera Release Date
FP-CAC03 Camera Link Cable 3m Camera end SDR:
Board end MDR
FV-L500B1, FV-L200B1, FV-L030B1 Mid-Aug, 2012
FP-CAC05 Camera Link Cable 5m Camera end SDR:
Board end MDR
FV-L500B1, FV-L200B1, FV-L030B1
FP-CAG03 GigE Vision Cable 3m Camera end         Horizontal straight:
Board end Latch type
FV-G200B1, FV-G030B1
FP-CAG05 GigE Vision Cable 5m Camera end         Horizontal straight:
Board end Latch type
FV-G200B1, FV-G030B1

<Tripod Bracket>

Model No. Supported Camera Release Date
FP-TPHXA FV-L200B1, FV-L030B1 Mid-Aug, 2012

<Power Supply / Input-Output Connector>

Model No. Supported Camera Release Date
FP-CN6PB FV-L500B1, FV-L200B1,
FV-L030B1, FV-G200B1,
Mid-Aug, 2012

<RICOH FV Series Key Features>

Quality Inspections: electronics and semiconductors, FPD, food, robotics, printing, soldering, component positioning etc…

Satisfying a wide variety of requirements for all kinds of inspection applications.

(1)    Camera Link™  Cameras

i)    FV-L500B1 (5 Megapixel CCD Camera)

•    5 Megapixel Camera Link with 35 mm x 35 mm highly compact design
•    Exposure-Interval signal output – Starting the next exposure during the transfer of the previous image for true high-speed inspection
•    Incorporating PoCL *2) support – Strong track record as a High-Resolution digital camera interface
•    Various trigger modes (Pulse Width & Edge Preset Trigger) as standard features

ii)    FV-L200B1 (2 Megapixel CCD Camera), FV-L030B1 (300,000 Pixel CCD Camera)

•    Strobe signal output – Enables user adjustable exposure and light emission timing
•    Image processing with a LUT *3) within the camera
•    Automatic control of gain and shutter control
(2)    GigE Vision™ Cameras
     FV-G200B1 (2 Megapixel CCD Camera), FV-G030B1 (300,000 Pixel CCD Camera)
•    Increased processing speed by minimizing the load on the CPU of the control PC
•    AOI *4) scan mode – Maximising inspection quality and speed with efficient scanning
•    High image quality with CCD Global Shutter
•    Wide voltage range (10.8 - 26.4 V), suitable for industrial use
•    Firmware update over Ethernet
•    Supports DC Iris lens *5), enabling external security applications  


Additionally, PENTAX Machine Vision Series of lenses will be re-branded RICOH in due course.

*1)    FA (Factory Automation)
*2)    PoCL (Power over Camera Link)
*3)    LUT Look-Up Table) Brightness Adjustment over all gradation
*4)    AOI(Area of Interest) Option to specify the resolution per area of CCD
         (Vertical and Horizontal)
*5)    DC    Iris (Direct Control Iris) Auto Iris Lens controlled by the camera’s circuitry

Camera Link™  and GigE Vision™ are trademarks of the AIA (Automated Imaging Association).

For more information, please follow the link to our english website in Japan:

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