The professional selects RICOH CCTV Lenses because they know that quality matters.

RICOH Industrial Optical Systems Division concentrate on the development, production and sales of high-quality optics for applictions in the fields of security technology and image processing.

Our company is proud of the respect of our products have gained over our 60 years of high quality manufacturing. All RICOH CCTV lenses are developed with a focus on quality and performance and are designed for a long service-free life. This is achieved by using modern technology in conjunction with precise manufacturing.

We offer a wide range of CCTV lenses to fulfil almost any demand. The lens is the first and so arguable the most important part of any CCTV system.

If you use anything but a PENTAX RICOH lens you risk degrading your system before the image has even made it to the camera.


2013 Since beginning of the year, RICOH's machine vision products are RICOH branded, to emphasize RICOH's attention to the machine vision industry.

2012 PENTAX RICOH introduces a new 55-times zoom lens with PAIR02 technology and HD optics. The lens has an extremely wide focal range, technology to reduce atmospheric interferences, autofocus, image stabilizer, as well as producing both VGA and HD-SDI outputs, incorporated in the same unit.

For the first time RICOH is introducing FA Cameras. FA = Factory Automation
They are extremely compact, robust and suitable for almost all applications in the field of industrial image processing.
Offering a variety of resolutions, 5MP, 2MP and VGA.

2011 Pentax introduces PAIR02 – incorporating Heat Haze reduction and Image Stabilisation as well as atmospheric interference reduction and one-click autofocus.

From October the Imaging Systems Division (cameras, binoculars etc.) and Security Systems Division (security and machine vision lenses) will be part of RICOH. The new company name is now PENTAX RICOH IMAGING.

2010 Pentax introduces the new PAIR (PENTAX Atmospheric Interference Reduction) technology. Launch of new 5 Megapixel resolution machine vision lenses.

2009 PENTAX introduces the Varifocal Plus. The first vari-focal lens to maintain focus while zooming. First details of the new high-performance 5 Megapixel resolution lenses become known by the industry.

2008 PENTAX rises into the HOYA Corporation. The brand PENTAX is preserved - with the strength of more than 34,000 employees now.

2007 The Japanese company HOYA becomes a majority shareholder of PENTAX. Now the 55x zoom lens incorporates a 2.5x range extender. The focal range becomes 12-1,680mm.

2004 Launch of the 18x focal range 8-144mm „real“ day/night zoom lens.

2003 PENTAX introduces a UV Lens for mega pixel cameras.

2002 Launch of the 55x focal range 12-1,320mm zoom lens with internal 2x optical range Extender. Cosmicar/Pentax is now called PENTAX CCTV Lenses.

2000 The M-Series of lenses are introduced with 2 Megapixel image processing.

1999 PENTAX introduces the first 1/4“ lens.

1997 PENTAX is the first CCTV manufacturer with ISO14001 certification. PENTAX introduce the first IR coated CCTV lens.

1994 PENTAX introduced the first high speed lenses with aspherical lens elements showing a luminosity of F: 0.75 PENTAX is the first CCTV manufacturer with ISO9001 Certification.

1993 Launch of the first compact CCTV Lens for machine vision with fixing screws.

1990 PENTAX introduces the first 1/3“ lens.

1985 Development and launch of the first C-Mount Lens for a 2/3“ camera.

1979 The first vari-focal CCTV lens produced - 16-32mm focal length.

1975 The first auto-iris CCTV Lens with video signal control.

1969 PENTAX parent company, Asahi Optical Co., Ltd celebrates its 50th anniversary. Asahi PENTAX’s two millionth SLR camera sold.

1966 Pentax produces its one millionth 35mm SLR camera. PENTAX office in Hamburg established.

1964 The Asahi PENTAX SP is the first reflex camera with through-the-lens TTL metering system, a system which is now found in virtually all 35mm SLR cameras.

1962 The first worldwide Cosmicar auto-iris CCTV lens with CDS sensor.

1961 Cosmicar CCTV Lenses are distributed worldwide for the first time.

1952 Asahi pioneers single-lens reflex (SLR) camera development with the Asahiflex I camera, the first Japanese 35mm SLR camera.

1951 The Cosmicar Lens division is founded as an associated Company for the production of high-grade optical products for Industry, including CCTV Lenses for professional use.

1919 Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co. is founded at a shop in the Toshima suburb of Tokyo, Japan. It quickly becomes one of the leading lens suppliers to Japanese camera and optical instrument manufacturers, thanks to its superb lens polishing skills.

For us it is an obligation to concentrate on the future development
and production of high-quality lenses for both security
and machine vision market sectors.


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